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That's about all I have to say. I haven't been on this mo-fucka for years!

See you dickbags December 26th!

Am thoroughly enjoying the content I've been finding.

Have been frequenting FunnyJunk lately...

4' 11" girls are adorable

2011-09-30 18:55:27 by 111122223138

And this pre-dance picture of a 6' stud proves it.

4' 11" girls are adorable

You fuck ONE goat...

2011-08-03 19:13:13 by 111122223138

On a night where you were having fun and all of a sudden you're "The guy that fucks goats"...


You fuck ONE goat...

My very first short story.

2011-01-09 15:19:07 by 111122223138

I'd like you guys to review it and critisise anything you find wrong with it.
I think I have a good start atleast? What all could I clean up; Aside from the repition of I?

Death's captive.Thanks, 111122223138 - aka pyro3138

: Third time i've copy-pasted this whole thing... hopefully the last.

Like I said, I'd greatly appreciate some of yen'z checkin it out and giving your opinion on it.

Since I can look this badass at work all day long

That does it, I'm becoming a surgeon...

oh come on... you can't tell me you don't crack a smile when you see this

DERP pictures make me giggle like a little school girl

I have a sense of humuor

2010-03-28 21:50:34 by 111122223138

and an inability to spell right

and by "end of the world" i mean it's my 15th birthday...
: may god have mercy on your souls