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Runescape, anyone?

WingoWinston responds:

It's a fairly common chord progression. I know Runescape has a huge bank of midi music so it's likely they have something similar.

God damn is this impressive!
After about ten or so seconds, the pick up is intense! The sound is a very unique fast paced one, that's for sure. My only critique is that it's not longer.
If you could extend this bitch out to about sixty or so minutes, that'd be a satisfying bare minimum.

Keep up the great work man!

As a side note, I've been scrolling down through all your audio submittions. Where do you find the inspiration ( and time ) to crank out so many beats?
Another thing that's weird to me is that not all of your songs have a play number above 1,000. The hell is up with that?

Daydream-Anatomy responds:

Very flattering review^^

I think I replied in a pm a while back, but thanks a bunch.

God damn.

I about creamed myself at 1:14.
Very nice song remake. Pretty fast tempo, which is kinda odd for a trance song? Regardless, it flowed together very smoothly. Great job on this submission; Keep er' up!

Anyone got a tissue?

Absolutely beautfiul. There is no reason this doesn't deserve a 10/10, 5/5, a download, a favorite, a favorited author, and being bookmarked.

This is absolutely sick!

Such a nice sound to it. The whole thing fits together so nicely, and the bassline is great!

cheshyre responds:

Thank you very much!!!!!!!

Jesus Christ...

Could you make this any awesomer?

The different sounds and styles that were mixed together so perfectly in this song.
You've made a sound that combines styles I wouldn't listen to independantly, but somehow you've manage to bring out all their good sides.

Amazing work, which is always expected from a famous Audio Creator like yourself. Once again, magnificent work, I crave things like this.

Not to sound like a complete pussy... but...

This song gets me emotional, especially around 0:20 and 1:24

Beautiful song you've made. It instantly rockets me out of any shitty state of mind I'm in and just makes me so happy. Glad you've made this; Hopin to see a shit load more from ya.

If there's one thing I can add, I would've loved to see more of the electric sounds. They really bring this piece to life in my opinion, though the background beat it amazing in and of itself.

Opened this up for a quick jolly

Sure glad i did... Pretty nice stuff man. Keep up the poisitive and happy upbeatness to your songs... Even if this was made 4 years ago, I like it.

Was slow in the begining...

But picked up pretty nicely, Love the techno piano. Keep up the good work bud.


How this doesn't have a 5/5... i do not know.

You are an incredible audio maker... Nuff said.

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