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I thought this was pretty hilarious actually.
Don't see why some chaps are getting their assholes in a bundle over it.

A very solid game and pretty fun to play.

The only flaw I can find with this game is that if you move your guy off to the left too far, he's off screen and unable to be hit. If you could fix the walls, that'd be perfect. :D

Holy shit!

I found this on a German website at school, about shit myself when I realized what it was like, and rushed home afterschool to find it on here. Why there's not more votes/views is beyong me.

very well done

haha, throughout the game, I kept thinking to myself " This is kinda like metroid " ... Apparently I'm not the only one haha

Very good job on this game, I loved the story behind it, the similar "trying to please a loved one" feeling, everything. I can't wait to see more games from you.

Have my kids

It's that good.

The gameplay is intense, the idea is amazing, the feeling is one i've never experienced on a newgrounds game...
If you could sell your sould again to make another game as awesome as this, i strongly encourage it.

You have to finish this game

I'm going to have soo much fun on it, you just gotta doc

the rage shower..

made me chuckle :3

so fast paced...

and destructive and fun!
bah... very fun game, keep up the good work, i'm likin this stuff

no saving feature

i'd've given this a 9 or 10, but the whole "not saving my progress" thing made me not want to play again for a whole hour just so i can resume my previous gameplay

fix it!

very fun

I've been playing since 4 days ago...

The raging boulder made me smile... good touch of silliyness :3

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